Ultraviolent4 - Author Page

Ultraviolent4 loves Beogh, round numbers and helping noobs. In case you haven't noticed, he runs this site. You can find Ultraviolent4's DCSS Let's Plays on YouTube.

DCSS Guides

A Guide to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Character Guides

Spriggan of Qazlal

Halfling Warper

Octopode Wizard

Hill Orc Monk of Beogh

Crawl Writings

International Crawl Association

Ultraviolent4's 0.22 Tournament Moments

Other Miscellany

RC File Lua for Optimal Trap Avoidance

I've uncovered a giant conspiracy

Vampire Blood Management - An In-Depth Examination of the Full/Satiated Divide

Strategic Use of Web Traps (note: this was patched out soon after)

PSA: If you die to traps you only have yourself to blame