Top 10 Fastest Realtime Speedruns

# Player Time Combo Date Morgue
1 p0werm0de 32:59 DDFi of Makh 30/12/17 Morgue
2 ManMan 33:24 MiFi of Oka 8/03/18 Morgue
3 ManMan 34:14 DDFi of Makh 19/02/18 Morgue
4 ManMan 34:37 DDFi of Makh 11/02/18 Morgue
5 ManMan 34:39 DDFi of Makh 08/02/18 Morgue
6 ManMan 35:09 DDFi of Makh 03/02/18 Morgue
7 ManMan 35:10 DDFi of Makh 07/03/18 Morgue
8 p0werm0de 35:10 DDFi of Makh 11/04/18 Morgue
9 Ultraviolent4 35:39 DDFi of Makh 20/06/17 Morgue
10 ManMan 35:51 MiFi of Oka 10/03/18 Morgue

Last updated 17/04/18

Notes on Realtime Speedrunning

There are bots that can win games of Crawl in under 10 minutes. That's much faster than any human can compete with while playing normally.

But what does it mean to play normally? And at what point does a human become a bot? You're obviously not playing normally if you script the entirety of your gameplay. But what if you only script bits of it? And what if you simply create macros for long chains of actions so you don't need to input them manually?

To help provide clarity for people who want to realtime speedrun, I've consulted with the Crawl community and other speedrunners. A list of rules will follow in a later section.

At the present point in time this is purely an honour system as there's no way to know what options, scripts or macros a player was using during a run. Some tools for the realtime community would be extremely welcome and perhaps YOU will be the one to make them.

Desired Tools

I believe the following would address our concerns in the most reasonable way:

  • A dump_rc option: If set to true, this would dump the contents of the player's RC file to the end of their morgue file. This would allow people to see what options and scripts were being used when the game ended.
  • A dump_macros option: Similar to above, this would dump the macros used to the end of the morgue file.
  • An rc_updated check: This would display an extra line to the morgue that would say "rc updated: yes" if the rc file was edited after the start of the game and "rc updated: no" otherwise.
    I don't see a problem with this happening for all morgue files but perhaps this could be turned on with an option.
  • A macros_updated check: Similar to above, this would add an extra line to the morgue to indicate if the macros file was edited after the game start.


  • The game must be played online
  • No lua script at all is allowed in the rc file
  • Macros may not contain Tab (auto-attack)
  • Macros may not contain o (auto-explore)
  • The only macro allowed with G (interlevel travel) is "G>" to move down one floor
  • Macros may only be a single action - "aa" to berserk with Trog or "za." to cast a spell are fine while "wwza.wa" to wield a staff, cast a spell and then switch back to a weapon is not.


My intention is to one day write a guide to explain realtime speedrunning.

In the meantime, you can watch the following commentated run which used to be the world record: