Ultraviolent4's 0.22 Tournament Moments

by Ultraviolent4

Posted: September 3, 2018

So the 0.22 tournament's all wrapped up. My team finished in 1st place and I was in the top 10 individually so I'm pretty happy. Here's my player page.

During my games, I took a bunch of screenshots of interesting moments which I'll share with you now.

Battling my nemesis while trying to get one of the first 15 rune wins of the tournament after my attempt at one of the first 3 wins overall died in Vaults 5. The only way to beat the Dis Serpent of Hell was to make more copies with phantom mirrors.

This picture was after a series of bad teleports and using almost all my other consumables (including about 10 scrolls of blinking). Yermak ended up beating me for 3rd 15 rune win by about 2 minutes.

Being shafted 3 floors from D3 to D6 and then hitting an alarm trap sure is something.

I did manage to get back to D3 alive but it was super close a number of times and I had to use ALL my consumables. Fortunately, I had a couple of teleportation scrolls. Compounding on the fun, I hit a teleport trap on D5 too while making my way back upstairs.

Totally not salty btw :) :) :)

The new Harold is no match for Yred.

Enslaving Xathua so I could taunt the players of the crawl.xtahua server.

Xtahua's revenge. This was the end of my first streak at 3. I tried to be extra safe by putting on my MR+ ring because there was a 5% paralysis chance. Unfortunately, I accidentally switched off my rF+ ring.


Early game quasits suck. They're fast so you can't run away from them and they can steal your Dexterity. Pictured here, I had -16 Dex and 0 MP on this Deep Dwarf. When I finally killed it, my Dex was -32.

Believe it or not, I ended up winning this game. I went to worship Hep right after because I wasn't in a state to fight anything myself. I then stumbled around slowly with an amulet of the acrobat on while my ancestor killed things. The vampiric short sword was my main way of healing for most of the game lol.

Death Channel and Vile Clutch makes for a nasty combo.

One of the scariest orb run panlords I've ever met. Plog was a very fast panlord with Haste, Summon Greater Demon, Crystal Spear and Glaciate. At this point, I was sure I was dead.

Getting away from Plog! A lucky blink, a missed crystal spear and a paralysis wand charge later, Plog is trapped.

But wait, Plog's back! With hasted, twice-in-a-single-turn, welcoming Glaciates. Fortunately, the block of ice held him in place and I was able to teleport after walking around the corner without being Glaciated again.

Losing my 2nd streak at 3 with a HOWr start. You can see the full story on imgur.

When Xom tries to kill you with meta-effects by crashing your game.

Oklob farm while marked strats in Vaults 5.

I played most of this Fedhas game with an amulet of the gourmand which made the experience quite comfy.

Fedhas owns in Zot 5.

A happy ending :)

This Draconian Arcane Marksman game became one of the hardest of my life. I was full piety with Ru when a tengu warrior with a distortion weapon on D15 banished me.

I had to convert to Lugonu to escape the Abyss. While Ru doesn't have any wrath when you abandon him, you have to keep the sacrifices you made.

tfw you're teleported into the Snake 4 rune vault while worshiping Lugonu but you previously sacrificed love while worshiping Ru so, while you'd love to use Corrupt, you can't because all the Abyss monsters would be hostile instead of neutral.

yo dawg, i heard you like boggarts

HOWr round 2 start. This was my attempt to finally get a win streak to 4.

While it looked like another impossible start, I managed to live because most of the monsters kept trying to path to me through the glass rather than pathing to the opening.

A very rough situation early in an OgIE game which was at streak 5. The orc wizard instantly confused me on sight. I had a potion of cancellation to escape but I was immediately confused again the same turn.

Looking super super grim.

But I managed to live. The confusion wore off when I had a slither of HP left. Without any potions left, trapped in the corner, my only option was to blindly read from my 4 unknown scrolls.

The first scroll was teleportation. The second scroll was fear. PogChamp

Just Nemelex things.

This room was originally full of oklob plants but Nem polymorphed them all into other plant-type monsters.

Orb juggling.

Discovering that items of the same type won't stack in your inventory when they have different inscriptions...

A more standard DD of Makhleb making a mess of Vaults 5 while on an 8 streak.

What box of beasts looks like when you forget to turn off Evocations training on your DD.

Friends forever.

My streak ended at 9 with a Gnoll Enchanter. The death was kind of anti-climatic. Natasha slowed me and summoned an iron imp while resisting all my attempts at Hexes.

Morgue here

Grabbing the orb on a DDFi of Makh low-turncount run. This is the result of a teleport trap into the left lung and using a scroll of vulnerability and scroll of fear to initially scare the orb guardians away.

I'm waiting for a teleport to kick in after failing 3 times at 58% chance to paralyse the moth of wrath. With 0 ways to blink and no more fear scrolls, the only thing left to do is heal and pray.

The teleport goes off!

Unfortunately, this spot isn't much better and the killer klown has just rolled a slow effect from its chaos-branded attack... :/

Again, the only real option is to read a new teleport and heal + pray.

Thank god DD is so overpowered :D

Escaped after 11,559 turns which is in the top 10 lowest turncount wins of all time.

This was the lowest turncount win of the tournament until Yermak stole the title from me on the last day (he tends to do that sort of thing lol)

For my next trick, I decided to go for the lowest XL level rune retrieved and lowest XL win.

To steal both titles, that would require getting a rune at XL 13 and winning at XL 14 (Yermak had an XL 15 win).

This is what it looks like in Lair when you're trying to run around without killing anything.

The closest moment to dying after a draconian warper dumped a bunch of monsters on my head.

Note how I've picked up 3 runes since the last picture while gaining less than 1 level of experience :D

Making it to Zot 5! Having never played a character like this, I was a nervous wreck at this point.

My strategy was to buff up with brilliance, haste and agility and run in.

This is that moment when an ancient lich hits you with a 7% chance petrify.

Given no other choice, I had to quaff cancellation which then removed all my buffs. I was able to quaff haste and brilliance again, charge the orb room, apport the orb and teleport out.

Things are looking rough. Deep troll earth mages are terrifying when your max HP is 70 because LRD can't miss.

It also doesn't help when you fail on multiple >70% chances to confuse a green draconian.

In hindsight, I would have been much better to read teleport on Zot 1 and wait a bit before coming up. I knew this Zot entrance vault on Depths 5 was going to be a nightmare to get out from because it was a nightmare getting in!


The non-confused draconian lands his attack along with the bone dragon and that's the end of that.

This was my 2nd run in my first ever attempt at doing a low XL win (the first died early game in an Ossuary). Considering that the lowest-ever XL win is 13 and this character was only just at XL 14, I could very easily see myself breaking that record with a bit of patience. Due to tournament conditions, I had to go for the win but without time constraints, I could have very easily scummed the Abyss for more consumables and better gear (I had no more haste, invis or brilliance potions, for instance, and all of those might have let me survive the fatal situation).

This was the last highlight of my tournament (it was the final night, to be fair). After this heartbreaking Spriggan death, I went into full tilt-mode. I tried a bunch of realtime speedruns to get myself into a top 5 place but couldn't get any to land (even when I just went for a relatively slow 1 hour win rather than trying for 30 minutes).

BONUS: A kookaburra is attracted to the smell of cooking meat.

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